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Alcatel Launches Plus 10 With Three

Alcatel not only manufactures smartphones but also stylish and compact connected devices such as their first 2-in-1 tablet, the PLUS 10 , available from Three.

2-in1s are the future of tablets 

2-in1 devices are growing in both volume and value, they are the fastest-growing category within the tablet market because people are looking for more from their technology. For Alcatel, 2-in-1 devices are the tool to demonstrate our vision to be closer to our customers, wherever they are.



40 percent lighter than an average laptop, with performance that's as reliable as it is versatile, the Alcatel PLUS 10 is the ultimate 2-in-1 device. Browse the web, read an e-book, prepare for tomorrow's big meeting, or sit back with the new series of your favourite TV show.

Wi-Fi Hotspot  

With three different experience modes, this device is ready for any sort of action and with a detachable 4G LTE keyboard that doubles up as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 15 people. So, open up in laptop mode and type your emails on the train, then switch to docking or tablet mode to battle spaceships at home. All on an impeccably high res (1280x800) 10-inch display, topped off with dual front speakers for an immersive 3D sound experience. It's the new way to stay switched on, with added entertainment features for when you need to switch off.

You get the power 

The PLUS 10 also features a robust Intel Quad Core Processor, equipped with a double battery so you can get more out of your day and stay productive for a full 8-hours, whether you're working or playing. And, with a front and rear-facing camera incorporating a front flash feature, you can call home to say goodnight and keep in touch when you're on the road too.


Available in several different finishes in a sophisticated metallic silver, the PLUS 10 is a subtle but stylish addition to your office on the go. The PLUS 10 will be available from Three stores nationwide and online for £49 upfront with a monthly cost starting at £18 per month for 2GB of data. It is also available on PAYG for £229.99.

Welcome to a world where your demands are multiple and complex but the solution is simple. 


Written by: PR Newswire
Photograhy by: PR Newswire
Published: 22nd November 2016 - 9.35 am
Source: Zerchoo Original