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Celebs Go Dating: Thales spotted out and about in London

E4's hunky 'Celebs Go Dating' ex-love interest of Paisley Billings spotted out and about looking suave in London yesterday.
The Celebs Go Dating contestant famously dumped Paisley Billings and the nation mourned the loss of 'Thaisley'.

Thales was spotted in a coffee shop in Islington, North London

Thales looked very relaxed as he was sipping his drink and talking on the phone. Whoever he was talking too seemed to make him smile.

DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Wearing a smart pair of blue checked trousers and waistcoat to match and carrying a beige coat, Thales completed his look with a pair of sunglasses.

DAVID GANDY -ESQUE: Keeping his look stylish, he wore a smart checkered pair of trousers and matching waistcoat.

MR NICE GUY: Thales was described as a real gent.

A TRUE GENT: Thales proved a hit with viewers.

LOVE BIRDS: The public thought that Thales and Paisley, 'Thaisley' were the golden couple of Celebs Go Dating, until Thales dropped the bombshell that he wanted to call it quits on the relationship.

Thales spoke to Nadia Essex about the first date and said that there were a few red flags thrown up, so Nadia told him he should tell Paisley.

CAN WE TALK: Thales told Nadia and Eden that there were a few red flags thrown up.

After talking to Nadia and Eden, Thales went to meet Paisley. At the beginning of the date Paisley said "I've never seen you this nervous. You're acting weird."

Thales went on to say "It's hard letting someone in and I feel like your wall is still quite high. It brings up a red flag."

Paisley went on to say "Do you feel s***ty? I'm glad you feel like s***. I'm just being honest like you are."

AWKWARD: Thales had to break the news to Paisley

He obviously felt bad about it and later went on to tweet 'Probably the worst feeling having to do that'.

It appears that the hunk proved himself a hit with viewers who tweeted a barrage of compliments about his time on the show....

However there were still a few mourning the loss of the break-up of 'Thaisley'

Written by: Isabella Sommers
Photograhy by: Isabella Sommers & E4
Published: 12th September 2016 - 11.34 pm
Source: Zerchoo Original